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During the 18th century, Bukharan Jews faced considerable discrimination and persecution.

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The elderly Bukharan generation use Bukhori as their primary language but speak Russian with a slight Bukharan accent.

In 1793, Rabbi Yosef Maimon, a Sephardic Jew from Tetuan, Morocco and prominent kabbalist in Safed, traveled to Bukhara and found the local Jews in a very bad state. Maimon was disappointed to see so many Jews lacking knowledge and observance of their religious customs and Jewish law.

He became a spiritual leader, aiming to educate and revive the Jewish community's observance and faith in Judaism.

There was a case when Caliph Umar had ordered the destruction of a mosque, which was built illegally on Jewish land.

Before the construction of the first synagogue, Jews had shared a place in a mosque with Muslims.

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