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Is now the mourner she but sccm'd before, — Herself subdued, resigns the melting spell, And breathes, with swelling heart, her long, her last £arewe U ! And past emotions wake a fleeting sigh, May think on her, whose lips have pour'd so long The charmed sorrows of your Shakspeare's song;— On her, who, parting to return no more. Slie then, as oil ;is liimself, appeared much affected ; for the audience, not satisfied with the usual method of shewing their approbation, stood up upon the seats and cheered her, waving their hats for several minutes. At the end of the sleeping Boene, the plaudits continued from the time ' of hex going off till she again appeared to speak her address, which was neatly a quarter of an hour, which she delivered in a very impressi Te manner; and at the oonelusion of which Mr Eemhie eeme and led her off by the hand. Judges and Friends t to whom the tragic strain Of nature's feeling never spoke in vain, Perhaps your hearts, when years have glided by. For each inspiring smile, and soothing tear— For those full honours of my long career, That cheered my earliest hopes, and chased my latest fear i And though, for me, those tears shall flow no more, And the warm sunshine of your smile is o'er — Though the bright beams are fading fast away, That shone unclouded through my summer-day,— Yet grateful Memory shall wriflect their light O'er the dim shadows of the coming night, And lend to later life a sof^ tone, A moonlight tint, a lustre of her own.

The anraseii Miits at this period were nnmeroos, — oomprieing tea partiefl, and fireworks at Pnmenade Grove, the entrance to which was in Prince's Place, North Street. It was opened in August of the same year, under the lesseeship of Mr Brunton, had a frontage of 100ft., and was of the same depth.his first lecture on ** Old Brighton " in the Banqueting Room of the Royal Pavilion, and on the 6th of March following, his concluding one upon the same subject, for which — at the next meeting of the members of the Committee — ^he received a cordial vote of thanks for the same, together with a desire that, at their expense, they might be published. On TUESDAY, Augutt 8, 1809, Wm be acted ihfl Tk H»4r of THE C3"-AJM: ESTEI"R;. It is evident that this, like other kindred institutions, has outlived its original uses.The Author embraced this oppjrtunity for writing a history of his native town, — — ^a task of no mean importance, involving an outlay of much time and labour, but undertaken con amore^ — and if he has succeeded in contributing additional interest thereto, he is fully rewarded. Smith, and Stent, for their loan of rare books and prints; these have been of great assistance to him in the preparation of the work now submitted for public tavour, which he trusts will prove satisfactory to subscribers and the public generally. Baraily (far «ftat m^kt «iil^, Kr Biut VMou, (Otlha late Vliaatn Xoyal, Dmiy Laiw.) Lew Ron.. At the south-western portion of Belle Yne Field* before spoken of, stood Streeter*s Mill, wbioh was remo Ted by 86 oxen to the top of Preston Drore, on the Byke Boad, on Sept. Under the CM at the south- east oonier of Belle Yae Field was a oontrivanoe, pro- tected hj walls east and west, ealled by the inhabitants at that time " Smith's Folly," the real object of wliicli was to draw up, in stress of weather, into a place of shelter and security, fishing boats and smacks ; but not answering the intended purpose it was pulled down. Under the able proprietorship and superintendence of Mr. Arthur Bao(m» this hotel most ooiitinue to e^joy its popakritj. In 1808 a permanent Cucuii was erected on the Grand Parade, near the spot occupied by tlie Grand Parade Chapel. These concerts were given three times a week, nnder Ihe superintendence of Mr Forth, who was elected M. The Ball and Assembly Boom was converted into the Boyal Chapel and consecrated, remaining as saeh till the Boyal property came into the possession of the town, — when, in 1850, in accordance with airangement, it was razed to the ground and the materials sold to Was Wagner (sister of the Vicar), and re-erected in Montpelier Place, known as St. George Wagner receiving the ai pointment as officiating clergyman, and now held by the Rev. The Old Ship Hotel is of long established r^^putation, and is renowned for the admirable manner in which its yisitors are catered for. Henry Nye Chart, who has recently re- erected and beautified the same, and» in conjunction with his worthy partner, — a nraoh-esteemed lady, cater for the public requirements in a manner beyond all praise, en* gaging the first talent on the boards in their desire to gratify the frequenters of their establishment.

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