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When Tyler Holmes first met Tori Mc Donough on Tinder, he wasn't looking for a long-term relationship.

A one night stand obviously leads to the same intention sexually, yet, once again, the question remains, was it worth the time and effort, meaning some one night stands leaves a person thinking, maybe it would've been better to just pay for it.

As for paid sex, it's pretty evident on what's on each others mind, the question in the end would be if it was worth the time, and money.

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Lots of people aren't able to simply "choose" to have one night stands at will, or to afford to pay for sex instead. This is why we’ve put this site up – to help people like you have one (Yes, plural! We’re all adults here just looking to make their fantasies come true.We just made the whole process easier and more fulfilling.If you're trying to avoid spending money, for example, the one night stand would be the ticket. One night stand, however, is the woman will have to decide if she would have sex with you.Since paying isn't legal in many places, avoiding jail might be a factor. If you have BO, bad attitude, or butt ugly, she might say no.

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