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You have good relationship advice for your friends, but they always take it with a grain of salt. )It's obnoxious because you want to help your friends with their personal crises, but you feel like you can't.

They start to drop subtle hints to you, like when your cousin is getting married, and everyone wants to know if you'll be next (which you obviously won't be because in order for you to be next, the marriage would definitely have to be arranged). A perpetually-single person is someone who is never in a relationship. I have never been in a relationship (because, unfortunately, I've been told having a dream of dating Liam Payne doesn't count), so I know what being perpetually single is like.This person has managed to skip over the awkward high school romances, and defied expectations by not meeting someone in college. I know that it has its ugly parts, its bad parts and its good parts.When you're perpetually single, there are definitely points in time when you start to wonder whether there's something wrong with you.Why can't you find someone who is at least a little interested in you?

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