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If you’re not sure if they fancy you as much as you fancy them, wait for them to call you.” Harry: “Most guys are far more shy than women seem to think. Doesn’t really matter when.” Rachel: “Waiting a day or two lets them look forward to hearing from you.

I’m always wary of letting a man know how much I like him, because I don’t want to seem needy or put him under pressure.” Aaron: “If you had sex on your first date, wait at least a day or two before getting in touch.

All is well, and you decide you just want to hear his voice. It feels so very frustrating when you want to make contact with the guy you more than like in person, to get a high off of that connection, and yet he never seems to have the time or the inclination to return your calls or texts. Instead of beating yourself up, you start to conjure up and daydream of punishments to teach him a lesson to NEVER IGNORE YOU AGAIN. Ingrained in you as a young child is “punishment creativity.” Don’t believe me?

When your boyfriend ignores you, you feel the ache of the death silence throughout your entire being. Your take away here is this: in romance, doing almost nothing but feel the great love in you and around you will create the safe space for him to come close to you.

We have also included some not-so-great examples that we have seen many, many times.

If you couldn’t stop talking, had a snog and both seemed to want to meet up again, ring them as soon as you like.

Even if the sex was great, they might feel crowded if you get in touch too soon.

I hope that’s not sexist – I’m sure it’s the same for girls as well.” Moira: “Assuming it’s a weekend, I get out of the house and leave my phone at home.

” Aaron: “It would have to have been a really amazing date!

Most of the time I’d rather have a bit of space from someone after a first date.

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