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Beta radiation is mainly used in industrial processes such as paper mills and aluminium foil production.

A beta radiation source is placed above the sheets coming out of the machines while a Geiger counter, or radiation reader, is placed underneath.

This can occur because light travels at roughly 75% its typical speed when in water and beta radiation can, therefore, exceed this speed without breaking the speed of light.

Gamma rays are high frequency, extremely-short-wavelength electromagnetic waves with no mass and no charge.

They are therefore often used to fight cancer and to sterilise food, and kinds of medical equipment that would either melt or become compromised by bleaches and other disinfectants. In those situations, a gamma ray source is placed into the substance flowing through the pipe.

These alarms contain a tiny amount of decaying Americium between two sheets of metal. A small electric current is then passed through one of the sheets and into the second one.

Likewise, if the Geiger reading is too high, the presses are adjusted to make the sheets thicker.

Sidenote: The blue glow produced in some nuclear power plant pools is due to high speed beta particles moving faster than that of light traveling through water.

Beta radiation consists of an electron and is characterized by its high energy and speed.

Beta radiation is more hazardous because, like alpha radiation, it can cause ionisation of living cells.

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