Dating without the intent to marry

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Remember that K1 letter of intent that you submitted with the I-129F petition? It’s because there are a good number of immigrants that arrive on a K1 visa and then disappear without a trace. Even though there is a specific number of days to marry, it’s okay if you marry outside of this time-frame.Yup, that’s a signed declaration you made promising to marry your American fiance when you arrive in the U. What’s important is getting married and then adjusting status.After a few months of chatting, she decides to leave Jack so she can be with her new love.After 14 months, Kate and Frank decide to get married and adjust her status.I’ve seen K1 visa holders wait a year and marry their US petitioner and successfully adjusted status for a green card.

It’s as if the petitioner is vouching for you to be able to enter the country. The petitioner is promising to marry your and financially support you once you enter the U. This is what USCIS really cares about when it comes to granting you immigration benefits. law, as long as you meet the eligibility requirement of the state in which you marry, you can marry in the U. Each state has its own laws, so you or your fiance will need to research the requirements for the state in which you intend to marry. Some states are popular locations for destination weddings, and make it very easy for tourists to obtain marriage licenses.Amber arrived on a K1 visa from South Africa to marry her American fiance Thomas.A month after she arrives, she realizes that she made a big mistake accepting his proposal because they are just not compatible.

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