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(At one point Gypsy buys a plush kangaroo and joey as a cover for purchasing the knife that will be used to kill Dee Dee; the cancer spreads in both directions.) She can take control of her body, make it feel good, use it to bring pleasure to herself — and eventually also to Nick, with whom she has her first kiss and then has sex on the bathroom floor of the movie theater where they disastrously try to stage a meet-cute with her mom, using her Cinderella dress as a makeshift bedsheet like the wedding gown in But at the same time Gypsy is expanding — sexually, emotionally, aspirationally — she is narrowing as well.Specifically, she’s narrowing into a point that will be plunged into her mother’s body.Gypsy’s multiple role-play personas enable her to be a little-girl submissive during one session and a Dark Phoenix domme the next.She can enjoy the sense that her boyfriend Nick (Calum Worthy, quietly excellent and sensitive in his portrayal of a young man with autism spectrum disorder who also happens to be a murderer) is a powerful vampiric presence in her life, offering both protection and danger depending on her own emotional and sexual needs at the time.It happens again after Nick, in a misguided simulacrum of star-crossed romance narratives, calls Dee Dee to anonymously report that he’s in love with her daughter and that they’ll be together forever.

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Then Dee Dee explains what she feels she needs to apologize for.

resumes for its fifth episode, she’s dressing up in provocative clothing to have cybersex with her internet boyfriend Nicholas Godejohn.

She does this several times throughout the episode.

As Gypsy submits to the ritual, which is all that it is, she stares furiously at her mother.

She knows that on some level, she has won the war; Dee Dee in turn realizes she’s lost, but that’s not something she can really face.

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