Did oliver james dating amanda bynes

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But she would eat candy in secret and had a big stash of candy in a cupboard.’ However, as it turned out, things went downhill fast between the two BFF’s.

Amanda had allegedly trashed the West Hollywood place leaving the place looking like one big mess.

In 2012, she got pulled over for several traffic violations, including getting charged with a DUI and refusing to work with law enforcement.

While her driving escapades were bad enough, it was her social media presence that got people turning their heads.

She proceeded to tweet about Hitler, giving her two cents about who she called ‘ugly people’, and went on to make obscene comments about the rapper and singer Drake and what she wanted him to do to her (for lack of a better description).

Some of her most controversial tweets include the infamous tweet she wrote about Drake or why she could never marry a German.

All of these tweets were always accompanied by a photo that made everyone wonder how far she would go.

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