Did taylor momsen dating marilyn manson

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I thought that the only way to get all that shit off of her face would be to remove her goddamn skin.

She must’ve went down to Home Depot, rented a dozen sandblasters, picked up a few of my cousins in the parking lot and got them to blast that mess off of her eyes.

Yes, so that magical tingle you heard wasn’t the wind chime outside.

It was Justin Bieber’s balls dropping as he laid eyes on Taylor Momsen looking like something that blew out of the showed up in the same outfit as Taylor and had to go into the bathroom to change. Here’s another picture of Taylor’s walk of no shame as well as pictures of other hos at last night’s thing.

It looks like after they chipped the paint off her eyes, they chipped away some of her nose.

Bitch got rid of her raccoon eyes and half of her nose. She looks like a Russian art student/Palmer Girl impersonator who makes extra money posing for pictures used in those ~Ukrainian~ bride e-mail scams. She still looks like she’s full of rainbows and kitten kisses and lives a life full of sunshiney happiness.

:) Does anyone listen to Taylor Momsen's band anymore? Of course, since we don't like Taylor Momsens and no one likes Taylor Momsen and wants to listen to her self-righteous spoken word song, she decided to get naked at the end of it.Taylor’s fuck parts might worship Satan, but ho’s ass worships pancakes (or is it the other way around? This dumpster panda Lolita’s ass is so damn flat that I want to pull out a projector and watch the Oscars on it tonight.“ is simply just a young girl who is trying to find herself in the clearance section of the Flirt catalog, the drawer where you keep your old black eyeliner pencils and the part of the WWE’s costume closet that houses the old bedazzled wrestling panties from their glory days.Whenever they need Jenny to talk, they’ll just give the raccoon a cracker to nibble on while a crack baby provides her voice by slurring out coos in the corner.I’m sure the raccoon and the crack baby will both win an Emmy. I see what you did there, Nickelodeon, and Child Protective Services along with agents from The Chris Hansen Department of NOT RIGHT SHIT will be knocking on your door.

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