Discreet on line dating

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You can fill out an application for free and then receive an introductory call from a professional dating adviser.If you meet the company’s requirements, you can become a member for a low one-time fee.To ensure the best fit, the application looks into a wide range of personal details including appearance, accommodation, employment, hobbies, politics, family, and dating criteria.The team wants to know everything from what books you read to what kind of car you drive.“We try to make sure daters don’t close down too much.

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Select Personal Introductions is a time-saving service for these people.“We try to help people through and guide them by giving lots of advice and feedback.” The team’s feedback is based on repeated notes given by the client’s dates.If something keeps coming up — like poor body language or aggressive conversational style — Select Personal Introductions will let you know so you can improve your dating demeanor.In a one-on-one consult, dating expert Jackie got a feel for what Janet was looking for and who would be a good fit.After careful consideration, Jackie offered her the file of a date prospect named George.

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