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Dokuro did succeed in killing him the first time they met.The first time she "resurrected" him, it was to transport his soul to a custom-made purgatory where everybody hates him and his "best friend" is a sociopathic maniac.

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However, she proved to be too nice and instead just tried to change the future by preventing him from inventing immortality.

The reason Zakuro looks older than her but claims to be only 9 could be explained by the "ages" referring to their tenures as counter-guardians, with Dokuro having worked for 14 years while Zakuro worked for only 9 and made her deal with Alaya later than her big sister had. God, being the omnipotent that He is, didn't just want to prevent Sakura from inventing immortality; He also wanted to make Sakura suffer as much as humanly possible.

If not, then there must be some other reason he'd create a device to keep girls alive and stop them aging after their twelfth birthday.

So either Shizuki or some other girl in his future life suffers an illness in the original timeline which couldn't be treated, and Sakura prevented her death with a device that as a side effect created this immortality situation.

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