Erin burnett bio dating

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Darroch (merely) called Trump admin clumsy and inept.

Trump rewards one with lavish praise of love letters, bans the other.

😀 The force *is* very strong with #Yang2020 and we are the best option to beat trump.

a ‘mentally deranged, dotard, gangster, frightened dog’.

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@real Donald Trump is a proven demagogue and he's obviously going off the rails now. Sanders: “I have not used that word.” I asked @berniesanders if @e Warren rise is coming at his expense: “if you can’t afford prescription necessarily a liberal or a progressive?

He's totally unstable, a nervous wreck last night, sweating like a pig. You’re not..universe of support is the majority of working people who are getting screwed over by this economy”. Gerry Connolly tells CNN's @Erin Burnett he still wants Robert Mueller to testify: "It’s not his call whether he has to testify or say anything else. There are a lot of questions raised by the report itself that need answering." Here’s a question on @Governor Bullock- he says more coal eliminated under Trump than Obama (adding he doubled wind, added solar in MT).

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