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He always referred to it as written in his nineteenth year, when it was apparently begun, though its final form at any rate dates from the next year.

In 1817 he wrote of it as follows: ...'Full of those errors which belong to youth, as far as imagery and language and a connected plan is concerned.

The edition was of two hundred and fifty copies, of which about seventy were put in circulation by gift.

Many pirated editions were issued after Shelley's death both in England and America, and the poem was especially popular with the Owenites.

By it Shelley was long most widely known, and it remains one of the most striking of his works in popular apprehension.

He did not in his youth look forward to gradual improvement: nay, in those days of intolerance, now almost forgotten, it seemed as easy to look forward to the sort of millennium of freedom and brotherhood, which he thought the proper state of mankind, as to the present reign of moderation and improvement.

Clark, Shelley, in a letter of protest to the editor of the Examiner, describes it in a different strain: 'A poem, entitled Queen Mab, was written by me, at the age of eighteen, I dare say in a sufficiently intemperate spirit--but even then was not intended for publication, and a few copies only were struck off, to be distributed among my personal friends.

I have not seen this production for several years; I doubt not but that it is perfectly worthless in point of literary composition; and that in all that concerns moral and political speculation, as well as in the subtler discriminations of metaphysical and religious doctrine, it is still more crude and immature.

He witnessed the sufferings of the poor, and was aware of the evils of ignorance.

He desired to induce every rich man to despoil himself of superfluity, and to create a brotherhood of property and service, and was ready to be the first to lay down the advantages of his birth.

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