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Throughout the world, women (and men) are removing clothing for money – and lots of it.

While these entertainers are on the job, making cash, some are meeting their significant others, and falling in love, too.

Stripping is an industry where you learn what your lines are real quick: what’s acceptable and what’s not acceptable; where people can touch you and where when they touch you you’ll slap them – playfully, of course, and then you’ll call them a “naughty” boys. Because hundreds of girls dance there, there are strippers with stage names that are every type of sports car you can imagine – from Ferrari to Tesla, almost every state in the Union, and even numbers, such as Seven and Ten. You're an Independent Contractor, which means you don't have a fixed schedule. Insecurity is one of the unsexist attributes to me so I don’t usually keep those guys around. NL: I am now the mother of an 18-month old daughter by the name of Winner. For me, if I’m going to interact with you outside of the club I need a great connection. But, it has been a great side hustle as I transitioned from working for someone else to starting my own company.

There were lots of amazing experiences and lots of learning lessons on my way to becoming a mental ninja. As long as you can rock the audition process, you can walk into any club in the area, audition, and be working there 30 minutes later. NL: I met my man in the Strip Club while I was stripping. While other girls were flocking to the dudes spewing out dollars, I couldn’t help but notice E. The nights can be hard if your honey works days, but like any good relationship, if you want it to work you’ll figure out at way. During my time stripping, I’ve connected with people both in romantic situations and in business situations. I retired because I met my man, fell in love, and had a baby. Because I was dancing, I never needed to get a small business loan – which was awesome.

This is one of those topics that a Google search will give you lots of stories over the past decade of the whole taboo of dating a stripper or as some call exotic dancers.

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What happens next, is they can get hooked on the life style, a feeling of having any man they want, nothing is too expensive as the customers say they’ll buy me anything and take care of me, etc, etc.

If your significant other got naked in front of strangers for money, is that ok for you ?

All questions to just set the backdrop but not where I’m headed with this story.

The life of a stripper, even someone in it for the right reasons, like trying to earn money quickly for a legitimate purpose like school tuition, a car or even a home can go very wrong. He has not only run strip clubs but bought and sold them in different cities. The stories that he has shared and some of what I have seen is a dark side, almost like the Bada Bing of the Sopranos.

While not necessarily proud of this, I have a friend who has been in the strip club business for over 20 years. The story goes like this, a typical college age girl who is attractive but doesn’t have a lot of time or skills but wants to earn the most money she can.

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