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Effective communication skills are essential to success in many aspects and areas of your life.

There are a lot of jobs that require you to be a good communicator.

The amount of time this can take varies by her method of cooking and how many days in advance she cooks.

There will be lots of rice, chicken, and veggies, but no eating, just stuffing it into Tupperware – strange, but necessary. In the car, in the kitchen, at her office desk, and maybe even in her gym bag.

She could always make this up later in the week, but that means a 3-hour gym visit on Wednesday – not fun. Fitness competitors see significant change every four weeks or so.

Being an effective communicator will give you advantages in more ways than you can imagine.

If she asks you to take her progress pics, you’re definitely moving up in terms of trust…this is a good thing. The time you’ll spend getting a “good” picture from three angles will take much longer than you ever thought possible.

She’ll need to try different ways of flexing and posing to highlight her progress in each image.

Probably a good place to start is to paint a picture of what clear communication is. It’s really about how all of us interact and communicate in every aspect of our lives.

Effective communication is defined as verbal speech or other communication methods to get your point across. It’s the ability to say something at the right time; to be able to get multiple people on the same page in a group decision.

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