Francesca gregorini dating

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I wouldn’t give back any of the experiences or the people I’ve been with since we broke up, because it’s been, really, an incredible and magical ride.” Read the full article “Inside Francesca Gregorini’s Magical Thinking” at

I think it was for both of us like our test-run commitment relationship, because we bought a house together…“I mean, I thought this was my life, I thought this was my wife, but apparently it’s somebody else’s wife, and you move on, you know?I love her deeply and, I always will but it just wasn’t our fate to be together, forever and ever.She was engaged to and living with star Portia de Rossi for three years, when the actress left her for Ellen De Generes.The tabloids had a field day, with headlines like “Ringo Star’s Little Girl Dumped By America’s Most Famous Lesbian.” At the time Gregorini decided not to talk to the press. Editor at large Diane Anderson-Minshall, who interviewed Gregorini in Los Angeles before the film came out, shares some of their relationship talk that didn’t make it into the magazine.

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