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Belfast Trust provides a wide range of sexual health and HIV services.Anyone can come to one of our sexual health clinics - you do not need to live in Belfast or be referred by your GP.Those who come before the court will be able to have sentencing deferred to allow them to engage in treatment for their mental health. IT is tempting to highlight the irony of MLAs in a Stormont suspended for nearly three years commenting on Westminster's suspension for seven parliamentary days, but it is time for a more studied approach to a possible no-deal Brexit.IF YOU grew up loving Nirvana during their 1990s heyday, chances are you whiled away many a Saturday afternoon trawling independent record shops for exorbitantly priced bootleg CDs – I'm thinking of you, Hector's House – featuring illicitly recorded live shows and/or rare tracks.Across Britain, America, France and other parts of Europe, including the Republic of Ireland, the second wave of feminism was underway, but in the North, progress was much slower.

It has been set up to provide testing for STIs, behavioural interventions aimed at reducing risk and access to the HIV prevention drug Pr EP.

If you have been sexually assaulted contact the Rowan Centre ( In an emergency contact PSNI on 999.

If you experience any kind of crisis related to your emotional or mental health when clinic services are closed, contact the out of hours GP or your local A&E department.

To access this clinic you must first be assessed in any GUM clinic in Northern Ireland.

If the healthcare professional in GUM feels you meet the criteria then you will be referred into the Risk Reduction clinic and appropriate services provided.

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