Gay korean dating

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Ivancity is a combination of two words ‘Ivan’ and ‘City’.

Ivan is a Korean word meaning queer, signifying sexual minorities.

According to the research, Koreans are one of the most ethnically and linguistically homogenous groups in the world.

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All of them were start how they know they were gay and what made them feel hard and get hurt in the society, when others knew they are gay.

‘Ivan City’ is the largest online gay community in Korea providing variety of contents including personals, online chart, clubs, and etc.

And Ivan city site is the leading portal site of Korea providing variety of services such as entertainment, access to communities, online shopping, and etc. Since then, currently on October 2007 there are 150,000 members, 30,000 ~ 40,000 visitors a day, and 100 new members sign up everyday.

Through coming out, they are fighting to get their human right from the society.

Friends (Same sex school) In Korea, there are many middle school or high school only for girls or only for boys.

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