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Always stay true to yourself, we will be protecting you from the super negative,evil bashers... i love this actress so much , she's so beautiful , and the most important she looks innocent, i've seen her in different dramas and two movies, one of them is The Magician,i like her a lot in this movie, because of her acting and also because she's acting with the most innocent actor Yoo Seung-Ho , but in Hwarang's drama she's the main actress, and her acting in this drama don't impress me much, i think she needs more practice and experience.... First saw you in You're all Surrounded was impressed. She was born in a place called Jinju which lies in South Korea.She belongs to the ethnicity Asian and nationality South Korean.

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She got her first chance to audition at a very early age and it was for SM Entertainment. Because, if it was Trash or Chil Bong, there wouldn't be such guess work around it....so, I've come to the conclusion, you didn't end up with either....it's the basketball player oppa you were obsessed with in the beginning of this drama.... Anyways, looking for to the end of this drama..I wish you continued success in the many dramas you will appear in and good luck with your life in general. 1994 was Truly one of the best dramas i have even seen! Unlike him, I have never watch Go Ara act before, but it is easy to see that in You're All Surrounded they have a good chemistry. Na Jung, is every young lady living life in 1994... Thank you, so much for putting so much passion into Na Jung... I like everyone look forward to finding out who the mystery husband is, but if I'm correct I think it's your longtime crush Lee San(g) Min..basketball player. This is the first drama I've seen you in, and omgoodness you are totally fantastic.Fei and T-ara’s Hyomin bonded on JTBC2’s “Sisters” (literal title).

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