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In 2005, Behrendt, with his wife and co-author Amiira Ruotola-Behrendt, released a follow-up relationship book through Broadway Books/Random House.Offering straight talk, tough love, and hilarious (yet useful) tips on how to survive and get over break-ups, the book titled , immediately jumped to the top of the book charts including the Wall Street Journal,, Barnes &, and The New York Times.They are currently writing a screenplay based on this book titled and Comedy Central.He was named by Variety in 2001 as one of the “10 Comics to Watch.” In April 2006, he was honoured by COSMOPOLITAN magazine as one of the twelve “Fun, Fearless Males”, and in 2006 Behrendt launch the self-titled syndicated talk show, , for Sony Pictures Television.“It was an explosive moment because no one had dared say something like that to any of us, ever.” “I simply believed it,” Behrendt remembers.He told the women in the room: “ ‘You guys are on a hit show, you make money, you’re hot. ’ ” Plus, he admits, “I’ve been those dudes.”Tuccillo convinced Behrendt that they should write a book version together.Beforehand, “there was a lot more denial and dancing around it.”Daniel Jones, who edits the Modern Love column in the New York Times, says, “It’s worked its way so firmly into the vernacular that when I’m reading essays I’ll hear it in my head.” Jones says many romantically challenged writers will “go around and around and around, saying, ‘What did I do wrong?

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Those six words have become the single person’s satori, a clear-eyed, catch-all explanation for anyone wondering why the guy who just took you out on a date never calls. Once upon a time, Behrendt, who started his career in comedy doing improv and stand-up in San Francisco, was the token straight male in the writers room for HBO’s hit show “Sex and the City.” One day during lunch, a woman started asking everyone why she hadn’t heard from a guy after a date. “We all gasped and started screaming,” recalls Liz Tuccillo, one of the writers in the room. There’s nothing about us, other than being human, that “caused” a sociopath to knock on our door.It’s called “He’s Just Not That Into You”, written by Greg Behrendt, former writer on the early 2000’s HBO show “Sex and the City“. ” Because, really, after all – when we’re asking: Am I dating a sociopath? Wrong and remember what REAL True Love is all about.Jennifer Bergstrom, the book’s publisher at Simon Spotlight Entertainment, says that while reading the proposal on the subway, “it took about 30 seconds for it to truly resonate with me.” She adds, coyly, “I happened to be single at the time.”Though actor Ron Livingston said it to Cynthia Nixon’s Miranda on “Sex and the City,” the phrase’s tipping point came in September 2004, when the authors promoted the book on “The Oprah Winfrey Show.” Women shared their dating sob stories, and Behrendt shot each one down with the same sentence.Winfrey chanted the phrase as if it were a magic spell. The book spent months on the New York Times bestseller list and reappeared there on Jan. It has also been translated into more than 30 languages.

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