Gridview rowupdating oldvalues empty

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Edit Index = -1 End Sub Actually, I need the dates to be what is inputed, not the sysdate date. I am struggling with being able to update the gridview without using a datasource.

For a while now I’m trying to figure out why my method, triggered by the Grid View.

**make sure that the select statment is the same as the select that populate the gridview.

I just started a few days ago, so I'm very new to this.

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Two things: | | 1) I think this needs to be documented better.

It seems that there is no good solution but i managed to work around it.

I have created a dataset and filled it with the same data as the data grid and it seems to working fine.

Thanks Protected Sub Bind Data() Try DBConn = New Oracle Connection(Session("Connection String").

Output End With my DA = New Oracle Data Adapter(d Cmd) my DA.

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