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But this is only required if you want to configure any of the 54 new Group Policy setting in the administrative templates.

Tip: You can get a full list of these IE setting from the Group Policy Settings Spread Sheet.

The really good news is that this has always been the default behaviour of the IE 10 Group Policy Preferences in Windows Server 2012 meaning that if you already have IE 10 Group Policy Preferences configured you don’t have to do anything to make them work for IE 11.

There is of course many ways to configured Internet Explorer and if you want to configured some of the new setting you can download the new IE 11 administrator templates to update your existing Group Policy Object or Central Store (see Internet Explorer 11 Administrator Templates ).

In addition, the workflow also honors redirected favorites, so you can keep your IE-favorites on a network-share, and those are then copied to your Edge browser on the client.

From a technical point of view, Microsoft Edge still uses its own database at %LOCALAPPDATA%\Packages\Microsoft.

You can use the Event Viewer to review Group Policy-related messages in the Windows Logs, System file.

User configuration\Preferences\Windows Settings\Files. Destination folder: %userprofile%\Favorites 5) Click on apply.It’s also worth remembering that since Internet Explorer 10 the Internet Explorer Maintenance has been removed from Group Policy.If you have the option setting configured in a policy it will still apply but the UI to edit these policy settings is now removed on any computer with Internet Explorer 10 or greater installed.This means, Favorites you add in Internet Explorer do appear automatically in Microsoft Edge too and Favorites you delete in Edge are deleted in Internet Explorer as well.Another benefit of this policy, is that this setting eases also the maintenance of the favorites.

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