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Anon IB prohibits the posting of “addresses, telephone numbers, social network links, or last names” of the women who are exposed there.The ostensible aim of this rule is to avoid being “evil,” Anon IB claims, but really, it protects the site’s members from having their activity discovered by the women themselves, like through a Google search.

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On one area of the site, users congregate on pages organized by state, then start threads dedicated to surfacing pictures of women at their colleges or girls at their high schools.

(While the site maintains an ostensible rule against the posting of child pornography, many users are seeking out photographs of high school girls who are due to graduate in 2015, 2016, or 2017; these threads number in the hundreds.) Often, the people in possession of nude photos of girls at a specific school share them in the hopes that others will do the same.

Jennifer Lawrence’s hacked photographs surfaced on Anon IB days before they exploded across the Web; hackers have set up camp there, advertising their abilities to download private photos from the i Cloud accounts of a handful of female celebrities and thousands of women you’ve never heard of.

After spending a day paging through the board, I haven’t seen any users who seem to care whether their targets are shamed or embarrassed by their actions.

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