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Born in Bristol, England, Henry Garrett is British native.

His date of birth is not disclosed, yet he was wished on 1st February by his fans and followers.

Because the grant allowed the judge to attend this valuable senior-level training, he was then able to return home and provide synthesized information to a direct stakeholder audience of first responders, detectives, and victim advocates. Although this law pertains to all victims, it is particularly important for women victims of violent crime in that they can receive notification of the accused’s arrest, release, or escape; have a legal means of protesting said release; and can access victim’s compensation. T.-certified domestic violence/sexual assault training for law enforcement officers; quarterly roll call training (presented by Sgt.

Annually organized by court administrator Kelly Bush, this judicial and prosecutorial training for law enforcement is unique to Henry County, and is viewed as instrumental in its ability to foster further collaboration and communication techniques among the stakeholders. Other trainings within the scope of the grant include a 40-hour P. Keith Shumate of the HCPD Special Victims’ Unit and/or Sonya Richey the VAWA Liaison); bi-lingual resource training for representatives of all stakeholders; court behavior and protocol (presented by Chief State Court Judge Ben Studdard); and inclusion in local area DV and SA Task Forces, both in English and Spanish.

This ensures that women victims are heard and helped, and abusers are brought to justice.

“The victim needs to know and believe that she has rights and resources to come out of an abusive situation…” says former Henry County Solicitor Chuck Spahos.

The advocates also explain necessary protocols for victims’ services and detail the roles of other potential stakeholders within each case, such as hospital staff and the Department of Family and Children’s Services (DFACS).

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His zodiac sign and other personal information are not disclosed yet.The need for victim advocacy at all levels of the criminal process is very real.In Henry County, they have a plan regarding victims of violence against women.Training being composed by and for the stakeholders means that victim advocates are also valuable instructors for law enforcement. The ability to cross-train all stakeholders in services provided to women victims of violent crime ensures that Henry County’s practices and procedures are operationally sound and that system professionals are victim-dedicated no matter what their function.Training sessions feature Samantha Duncan of the Haven House and Monica Evans of the Southern Crescent Sexual Assault Center who provide shelter updates and new and regular services offered by their respective entities for victims of violence against women.

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