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On the elevator at our apartment building, the moment we got in, I'd move to my knees, and start to work his shaft.

I'd take his cock out and start feverishly sucking him off, my tongue licking his head, sucking on it, sliding my tongue up and down his shaft.

If I wore panties, and we were already fooling around, getting me juicy, I'd always leave them for him, as a souvenir.

Leaving my scent on them, my juices soaked in the lace, or cotton.

I'd stop him in the hallway, slide my hand down his pants, and stroke him, my hand coated in his juices.

I love sucking cock, and my husband knows this, and of course indulges me as often as I wish.

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From kissing, my shirt usually came up or off, and so did my bra.

I'd pound my pussy, up and down his shaft, till he spurted his juices deep within my walls, and lay happily in his arms.

When we went out, sometimes I'd wear panties, sometimes I wouldn't, depended on my mood.

We stood beside the truck one night, him fucking me hard in the ass, having to duck down, because someone was walking by.

We stood back up, continued to fuck, him cumming deep in my ass, his juices running down my thighs, we left happily knowing that we could have been caught.

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