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The first time I saw doe-eyed Holly Madison, I thought she was in her late teens or early twenties.

Imagine my shock when I visited her Wikipedia page and saw that she’s 39! She’s been a model, an author, an actress, and a showgirl.

Holly Madison made her Hollywood debut from the movie, with Laura Croft, Angel Porrino, and Josh Strickland.

As for Zak Bagans, little to nothing is known about his relationship history. He added the bed on which Lamar Odom overdoses to his queer collection.

American model, TV personality, actress, author Holly Madison is best known for her roles in the movies and TV series like The Girls Next Door, Hollys World and Telling among others.

We remain the best of friends while co-parenting and continuing to support one another in our respective passions in life.

Though it was not a decision we made hastily or take lightly, Holly and I welcome this next chapter in our relationship, and have every confidence that the future will bring only the best for us and our kids. Thank you all for your continued love and support,” he continued. After that incident, five tour guides at the museum began to cry uncontrollably.

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