Holly miranda dating kate moennig

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From google and archives, Holly's time with Kate Moennig is her longest relationship to date.

Holly never stays close friends with exes, especially ones that she was that intimate with. I think she learned from the mistakes she made and hope to not repeat them.

As per some sources, the actress is a lesbian who also played the same role in a handful of films and TV shows.

Katherine mother was a dancer in her early times whose name is Mary Zahn and her father name is William H. Her father was a school teacher who later got divorced due to the internal conflicts that rose among the couple.Time isn't a measurement if a relationship is serious or not or the amount of love you have for someone.Loads of concrete proof the relationship was in fact very serious.She currently resides in Los Angeles, California along with family. I also saw on instagram Holly's close friends are still friends with Kate. Of course we don't know anything that is obvious, but if she unfollows and cancels all the pics related to her and likes some quotes about a narcissist account it is not so far fetched to assume that she is not on the best terms and usually in this kind of situations in order to move on it is a good thing to avoid any kind of contact. People who think they are on friendly terms are delusional.

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