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In 2000, Annie Hawkins (also known as Norma Stitz) was recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as having the single largest bust in the world.

Hawkins has an underbust measurement of 109.22 cm and an around chest-over-nipple measurement of 177.8.

For example, there is a worrying amount of guys who still equate things such as blonde hair and large breasts with beauty, and as a result, an equal number of women go to drastic lengths to meet their standards.

Despite the health issues associated with string breast implants, adult magazine model Chelsea Charms seems to be pretty happy with her own.

In 2009, following several more surgeries, the model announced that her cup size had increased to a sickening 38KKK.

In 2010, health complications led to Hersey having her implants, and even most of her natural breast tissue, removed. Casey Batchelor is a British glamor model who UK men will likely recognize from her countless appearances in the nation’s various adult magazines.

Chelsea Charms is one of only a few people in the United States of America who boasts what are commonly referred to as “string breast implants”.

String breast implants - or to use their actual name, polypropylene breast implants - absorb water over time, causing the breasts to continually expand after surgery.

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