Incentives for consolidating school districts

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Seven states have more than 10,000 students per district, and seven states have fewer than 1,000.Click here to see States' Students per District table.Click here to see the counties with only one school district and their administrative costs.This chart also provides districts’ student achievement indices (QDIs) pertaining to the following information.Texas leads the way with over 1,000 school districts serving 4.5-million students.Hawaii and the District of Columbia each have only one school district.Provide the State Board of Education the authority to consolidate school districts that are placed under conservatorship; 4.Consolidate back-office operations and support services of Mississippi school districts.

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The administrative costs in those districts, on average, are higher than the state average.Within Mississippi, the actual number of students per district varies widely, too, and that is likely the case in other states.Vermont has the fewest students per district with 268; Hawaii has by far the most with 180,728.Among states, the average number of students per district provides a good basis for comparison, and the number varies widely.Mississippi ranks at the midpoint (24th of 51) with 3,257 students per district and is slightly below the national average of 3,387 students per district.

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