Internet dating 2 0

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Valentine’s Day is this weekend and depending on your Facebook relationships status, you may feel either anticipation or anxiety.

We’ve seen social media make our lives easier over the past few years and February 14th is no exception. The old-school Valentine’s Day treat has reportedly introduced a new phrase.

Now, the web opens a forum for dialogue to the masses.

Church, mosque, temple and synagogue goers can talk to each other directly without the mediation of their leaders.

His college, current law school curriculum, interests, hobbies. While I may be a little more than rusty when it comes to dating, I still feel fairly certain that part of the excitement when it comes to a blind date is the mystery. While I am partial to the old meet-your-significant-other-in-high-school, this isn’t all bad. ), but we might want to start calling them only-seen-your-profile dates.

However, over the last few years, the internet has undergone a transformation from Web 1.0 to Web 2.0.

Whereas the former model consolidated publishing power in the hands of a few editors, Web 2.0 has empowered bloggers to directly publish their own content, and online users to start their own conversations.

Clergy have also learned to utilize the web to amplify their messages - Sunday sermons are now a mouse-click away from being downloaded onto an i Pod.

But these ventures limit religious dialogue to one's own community, and highlight doctrinal differences rather than interfaith co-operation.

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