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You can set a minimum idle time for sessions going to be flushed and the press “Expire sessions” to remove all sessions with an idle time up to your desired value.By default, the panagenda Green Light backend application has an idle time of 5 minutes.One of the core developers behind Devise When a user logs out, that particular session is not invalidated.In other words, if you were to copy the session value that is stored in the cookies and use it in another browser, or another machine, you would be able to use that same session. Now, when a user logs out, that respective session will be invalidated.Now you have two possible ways to release a sessions prior to its expiration time.

This section of the manager shows you detailed information about all running applications on the Apache Tomcat server and how many active sessions are connected to a running application.

In the previous page, we have learnt about what is Http Session, How to store and get data from session object etc.

Here, we are going to create a real world login and logout application without using database code. In this example, we are creating 3 links: login, logout and profile.

It comes with a lot of useful features, but it also has its limitations.

One of them is that it does not invalidate a session even though you log out.

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