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News of AJ’s marriage to Punk was immediately broken on by this former backstage worker, Mets Fan4Ever, a verified WWE insider who has produced evidence of his past ties to the Stamford, Connecticut-based wrestling organization.

After breaking news of their wedding, he revealed that Punk courted AJ while he was dating Lita.

His various relationships with a big part of the WWE's female roster has given him a reputation backstage and has also lead to many fans thinking that the marriage between himself and AJ is not going to last.

The couple looks perfect from the outside, but there have been many stories about them behind closed doors and many stories about CM Punk's personal life that give these rumours a lot more credibility.

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A typical date for Punk usually involves watching a rock band, ice hockey or baseball, just some of the places he has been snapped with his romances.

Yes, Punk is also a hero for clearly taking no messing off his girlfriends, they do what Punk wants to do, which means sports and rock music. Here we look at 7 Wrestling Divas that CM Punk has (probably) slept with, an article that is our conjecture from gossip and rumour (and should strictly not be taken as fact) and will add fuel to the fire that "CM" actually stands for Chick Magnet Punk...

What’s noteworthy about that is that The Straight Edge Superstar had previously dated Lita.

CM Punk is a wrestling hero to many, a true talent who is superb on the mic and brilliant in the ring.

He also happens to be a hero for the fact he has got with numerous WWE women most of us can only dream of.

It seems that Punk's personal life has become one of the most talked about topics in WWE.

Here are 15 stories about the self-proclaimed 'Best in The World' that may have not yet been confirmed, but could well be true when it comes to the women he has allegedly 'hooked-up' with.

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