Is ochocinco dating a basketball wife who is chyna anne mcclain dating

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She posted this picture of her engagement ring on Twitter.

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And when it comes to the engagement, Rubi stated she has no clue about it, adding “maybe he has changed.”Rubi also states on her twitter page that she will likely sell the promise ring Chad gave her on ebay. TELL US – WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS ON CHAD’S ENGAGEMENT TO EVELYN?Before you feel bad for Ochocinco over the Lozada-Crawford thing, realize that maybe it’s a blessing for him and a bad turn for Crawford.Lozada’s highest-profile guys — Ochocinco and financially ruined former NBA star Antoine Walker — haven’t done too well after getting with Lozada.The new season of “Basketball Wives” starts on December 12 and will feature Lozada and Ochocinco’s relationship which, as she says in the show’s trailer, started when they met on Twitter.TMZ broke the news late yesterday that NFL star Chad Ochocinco, 32, and VH1 reality star Evelyn Lozada, 34, are officially engaged after 4 months of dating.

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