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We will train your pup to listen and prepare him or her for your family.We also strive to create the happiest, and most completely unique experience for you as you search for your new family member. 50 years ago we got away from the old style hyper jacks which have had a bad rap from the American line inbreeding for hunting aggression for the show ring here in the states.Jack Russells from Ireland have more amenable dispositions and their personalities are much more easy-going.They are family pets that live with various kinds of animals on the farm, and do not hunt the family cat, sheep, goose or chickens.Welcome to Trinity Farms, our small family farm where we've been raising Jack Russell Terriers for over 40 years.In all the Jack Russells we have lived with over the years and studied, our experience kept us with the Irish JRT's, 12 inches and under.With so few here in the US, people interbred them with the Smooth Fox Terrier and the Fell Terrier, which increased the hyper and aggressiveness in the American Parson JRT.

Newest results of safety tests on random pet foods: 4 previously thought of as safe, previously well-regarded name brands. Everyone was shocked to see the big names like Royal Canin, Blue and Wellness.At Trinity Farms our goal is to provide you with a healthy, happy, superior quality dog.We specialize in Russell Terriers, natural rearing with healthy traditions; puppy training and raising family pets, hand-raised in our home and family environment.If the food is not heated up enough to kill bacteria- how about parasites and Protozoa?Since we know that all animals carry the parasite for Toxoplasmosis – and we know all animals are tossed into the pot at the rendering plants and pet food mfg.

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