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His career was no more than a marathon, in 18 years of excellence and dominance in all the two formats of the game including the newer one i.e.

T20 format, Jacques Kallis made a decent start and ended it on a stronger note with huge numbers at the end.

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Jacques Kallis batting record was outstanding with 292 wickets and a bowling average of 32.65; the best bowling figures were 6-54 that incorporated five 5-wicket hauls. In ODI format, Jacques Kallis scored 11,579 runs with a batting average of 44.36 and atop score of 139.

His 17 centuries and 86 the fifties were phenomenal batting at top-order to the lower middle order throughout.

In between 2004 to 2008, Jacques Kallis made a significant impact on the game with extraordinary batting and bowling skills, he was named ICC ODI Player in the process in 2005, later as Wisden Cricketer of the Year in 2008.

Apart from being recognized as the leader of all-round cricket, Jacques Kallis came close to 300 wickets still managed to become an only player to score 10,000 runs with 250 wickets in the test cricket.

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Jacques Kallis was a unique piece, he dominated throughout his career with influential portfolio in batting and supporting role in bowling especially in test cricket.

In ODIs, Jacque played a leading role in both the departments along with the brilliant fielding, his weight never barred him from diving high-flying in the air.

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