Jamie kennedy dating jennifer

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I think that’s back when she was going to be a singer rather than an actress.Her music wasn’t too bad, for the actor-turned-singer genre.Remember when Jennifer Love Hewitt was a moderately well-known actress on Party of Five who posed naked, never whispered to ghosts and seemed content to play the role of supporting character on a hit TV show? She's often known solely for her supple breasts and annoying boyfriend, but Jennifer Love Hewitt has actually anchored a show that's well into its fifth season and dominating the ratings on Friday nights.Indeed, The Ghost Whisperer is a certified hit on CBS. On one hand, rumors that she and boyfriend Jamie Kennedy are close to a break-up have thrust her into the spotlight; on the other hand, she apparently doesn't like people claiming he cheats on her. We were hoping to have more Shannon Funk in our lives.

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Details surrounding the split are private, but rumors of a rocky romance have plagued the two since Kennedy skipped his ladylove's birthday bash in February."I didn't even hear his name mentioned," a source told E! The unlikely duo, and costars, announced their relationship last March when Kennedy visited Ryan Seacrest's KIIS-FM radio show. "We're more than dating, we're more than in love."Unfortunately, it looks like Love's bedazzled girly parts weren't as effective as promised!According to a new report by Perez Hilton, though, the abysmal actor has also spent the last few weeks getting busy with his ex-girlfriend... In order to lose weight, Kim Kardashian has totally sold out, signing on as a pitchwoman for Quick Trim, a ridiculous dieting cleanse.Conversely, Jennifer Love Hewitt has taken an obvious path to weight loss.“She’s trying to keep her relationship with Jamie a secret, telling people they’re just friends, but she can’t hide her true feelings.“They work together all day and hang out most nights.

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