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She is also bisexual having gone on a date with videogragher, Jilly Clirk. When Chris was 15, she was abducted by the East Valley Pasas whilst on her way to the gas station because she looked like the girlfriend of a rival gang leader.

But don't let the idea of her being a woman stop you; she is as tough as any of the guys on her team.

He reveals that the man just stole his uniform and he is the actual prison guard and couldn’t let the prisoner make off with his uniform. He feels safer staying with Chris and Deacon than leaving the prison; he admits he was working at a grocery store before this, and maybe he should have just stayed there.

Deacon gives him some advice, encouraging him to go on.

(“Imposters”)When her cousin, Thomas, was 12 and was diagnosed with Lukemia, Chris donated bone marrow to save his life.

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Dominique Luca (Kenny Johnson) and Hondo are going after the Nazi Eagles. On Hondo’s cue, Ashe shuts off the power inside C-Block. Also, when Deacon’s wife, Annie, stops by headquarters to celebrate Deacon’s 10th anniversary with the SWAT division, her visit takes an unexpected turn.” So make sure to stop by tonight between 10 PM and 11 PM ET for our S. The gangs they are looking at at the One-Niners who are led by a OP, who is not felony stupid. season 1 episode 10 called, “As the SWAT team goes inside a prison riot to rescue civilian hostages, Hondo suspects the inmates have an ulterior motive behind the uprising. Daniel ‘Hondo’ Harrelson (Shemar Moore) informs his team they have access to the control room and the armory. Hondo warns the 3rd gang is the worst as they are the Nazi-Eagles led by Gunner Cade (Gideon Emery). The 2nd gang is the Baja Diablo Cartel who are being led by Moco (Reinaldo Faberlle), it is a gang that has a lot of muscle but love to kill people.

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