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This is the only Allen film I've ever seen that isn't instantly recognizable as his, but beyond that, it's also a great movie.Set in London, it tells the story of Chris Wilton (Rhys-Meyers, who's probably best known as the Coach in Bend it Like Beckham), a former tennis pro from a working class background, who becomes involved with the very wealthy Hewett family.In his life with the Hewetts, Chris begins to enjoy the finer things in life.Through it all however, Chris cannot help thinking about Nola Rice, a struggling American actress who he meets at the Hewett estate and who is Tom's unofficial fiancée.

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He is befriended by one of his students, wealthy Tom Hewett.

Rhys-Meyers and Johansson steam up the screen together in several scenes, beginning with their passionate encounter during a thunderstorm.

The movie opens with a voice over by Chris in which he describes the importance of luck, using the analogy of a tennis ball hitting the tape on top of the net.

Chris starts to date Tom's sister, Chloe Hewett, a girl-next-door type who is immediately attracted to Chris.

Chloe quickly knows she wants to marry Chris, and through her businessman father, Alec Hewett, tries to help Chris and their future by getting him an executive job in Alec's company.

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