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Before the switch to the five pre-Speed Round format, the last question of each "Movie Fights" video before the Speed Round, save a rare few, contained a clue to the upcoming Tuesday's "Honest Trailer" video.

As of October 4, 2017, there have been 156 "Movie Fights" that have been hosted on the Screen Junkies You Tube channel.

This leaves 123 fighters who have participated in a total of 136 fights as of October 4, 2017.

.*Further, the chart uses Hal's record as 8-17 (the official record) rather than 7-18, which is what his record would be based on the points from episode 1.

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The series began with a non-competitive debate (Did Godzilla Suck?!In addition, there is a single "Movie Fight" that has been hosted on the Schmoes Knows You Tube channel between six members of the Schmoes Know Team (three at any given time) and The Screen Junkies team of Nick, Hal, and Dan. Further, there is a tournament fight that is exclusive to Screen Junkies Plus.FINAL Movie Fights Standings Rankings have been determined first by Win Percentage.However, he clarified that he was joking when Nick got his first point in question 4..**A picture appeared showing scenes from famous movie franchises that had more than three films. (11-23-14) .*Andy called the score as 6-4-4, but Roger only got two points (the two that everyone got) and thus finished in third.

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