Lesson 2 4 tree ring dating

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During regions that have seasons, trees will grow very rapidly in the spring and then not as rapidly in the late summer.

The faster growth of early spring makes large cells that are light in color, the lighter colored area is called earlywood or springwood.

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If you don't know the date the tree was planted, measure its circumference to estimate its age.

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Instead, to count a living tree's rings, take a core sample using an increment borer.Damage could come from being cut, or fire, or disease. Name 3 things that the cross section of a tree can tell you about the tree? _________________________________________________ 3. The dark rings on the tree are called [earlywood / latewood ] . The cells produced during the summer are [ larger / smaller ] than spring cells. The oldest layer of growth is near the [ center / outside ] . If a tree had to grow around an obstacle, the rings would be [ lopsided / scarred ]. Ring scars are caused by [ damage / earlywood ] Examine the rounds: tree rounds have three distinct regions.__________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ 2. The outer region, or appear as lines radiating from the pith to the outside of the wood like spokes of a wheel. The outer area of the new growth is usually light in color and represents the live tissue called .Trees that grow year round (pines and conifers) are called softwoods.Because they don’t have a distinct summer and spring growth period, their rings are not as visible, and will appear very light in color. Which letter goes with which type of tree (label below).

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