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While this was going on, you would have to put up with the ongoing calls from the credit card companies and collection agencies.Nevertheless, this would you give you the money you needed to pay their fee.The psychological cost of doing this seemed so high to me that it didn’t seem worth it.Then again, since we were dealing with the loan modification, I wondered if the credit card companies had some other option that could work for us. Ask for a balance liquidation program Since our highest balances were on our Chase business cards, I began there.To learn more about what your credit card provider may be able to provide for you, do a Google search for “credit card companies balance liquidation.” If you or your clients are stuck with high rates and have legitimate hardship, there are alternatives. And, by the way, if you’re still using those credit cards, do your best to transfer over to a prepaid credit card or debit card. Bernice Ross, CEO of Real Estate, is a national speaker, author and trainer with over 1,000 published articles and two best-selling real estate books. Discover why leading Realtor associations and companies have chosen Bernice’s new and experienced real estate sales training for their agents at If the stock is a capital asset in the shareholder’s hands, the transaction qualifies for capital gain or loss treatment.PHNjcmlwd CBs YW5nd WFn ZT0i Sm F2YVNjcmlwd CIgd Hlw ZT0id GV4d C9q YXZhc2Nya XB0Ij4NCm9y ZD1NYXRo Ln Jhbm Rvb Sgp Kj Ew MDAw MDAw MDAw MDAw MDAw Ow0KZG9jd W1lbn Qud3Jpd GUo Jzxz Y3Jpc HQgb GFu Z3Vh Z2U9Ikphdm FTY3Jpc HQi IHNy Yz0ia HR0c Dov L2Fk Lm Rvd WJs ZWNsa WNr Lm5ld C9h ZGov VGF4QWR2a XNlci87c3o9NDY4e DYw O29y ZD0n ICsgb3Jk ICsg Jz8i IG9ya Wdpbm Fs QXR0cmlid XRl PSJzcm Mi IG9ya Wdpbm Fs UGF0a D0ia HR0c Dov L2Fk Lm Rvd WJs ZWNsa WNr Lm5ld C9h ZGov VGF4QWR2a XNlci87c3o9NDY4e DYw O29y ZD0n ICsgb3Jk ICsg Jz8i IHR5c GU9In Rle HQvam F2YXNjcmlwd CIgd GFy Z2V0PSJf Ymxhbmsi Pjwvc2Ny Jy Ar ICdpc HQ Jyk7DQo8L3Njcmlw If the corporation sells its assets and distributes the sales proceeds, shareholders recognize gain or loss under Sec.

After talking to seven or eight different representatives, each with conflicting information about what their program was and what is required to get into it, I asked for a supervisor who could refer us back to someone in the U. In other words, don’t waste your time trying to negotiate with them.

Citibank let us keep our current payment, except now the entire amount was going to the principal and would also be paid off in five years.

A key point to note in each case is that if you miss a payment, you agree to be bumped out of the program and your rates will be increased to even higher than they were before.

Obtaining a workout on our credit cards, however, has proven to be a different experience.

You have probably heard of people who have gotten great deals to pay off their debt, sometimes at zero percent interest.

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