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However, be aware that your spouse can use the fact that you’re now dating someone to try to infer that this relationship was ongoing prior to your separation.

While every scenario is different and it is a complex issue, proof of an affair will have negative legal consequences for you. Dating someone may cause your spouse to not be as cooperative in dealing with the divorce.

Whether you are newly separated or have been separated from your spouse for a period of time, one frequent question that comes up is: When can I start dating?

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"So I reached out to her and we started just a little bit of mentoring by text, by phone, by Skype.

"I don't mess with multiple guys on a team at the same time.

I don't want to be in any locker room talk." In March 2015, during the annual March Madness NCAA basketball tournament, there was media attention regarding a promotion she promoted in conjunction with the production studio Brazzers.

Due to her interest in sports and professional athletes along with her work as a sports reporter for the Sirius/XM network, Lisa Ann attends numerous games, which has led to interaction, sometimes publicly, with athletes.

In a February 2014 interview with GQ magazine sportswriter Myles Brown, Lisa Ann stated "..dudes could be with Victoria's Secret models, that's how I look at athletes. I'm looking at 18, 19, 20-year-old guys." and continued, "They're at the beginning of their lives, so they're still excited, naive and simple.

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