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If you’ve ever watched television or seen a movie, you might’ve noticed something...occasionally one the characters will be wearing a robe. It’s obvious that anyone wearing a robe on tv or in a movie looks fantastic.

The show’s erstwhile baby daddy always seemed to mean well, but he rarely came out looking the best as he and Lorelai bounced back and forth between friends to lovers and back again. But in witnessing him flounder multiple times in his attempts to become a grown-up, we have to admire 16-year-old Lorelai for knowing that marrying him would be a huge mistake.We wanted to like the first guy that Rory ever saw naked (as far as we know) but the crap he pulled senior year wasn’t cool. Purveyor of print media, not super-memorable, but we celebrate his commitment to the dying realm of the newsstand.The headmaster of Chilton never really went easy on Rory, but he did seem to recognize her talents. Saeed Adyani/Netflix One of Dean’s friends from high school.(Hollywood really should try to figure out what to do with Alex Borstein someday.) The former owner of the Dragonfly Inn seemed like a nice, if stubborn, old lady.No one was OFFICIALLY rooting for her death, but things happen.

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