Mail app updating offline disk cache

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The information contained in this article only pertains to basic authentication.For more information, please see Using hybrid Modern Authentication with Outlook for i OS and Android. When a user logs onto Exchange with Basic authentication, the username, password, and a unique AES-128 device key are sent from the user's device to the Outlook cloud service over a TLS connection, where the device key is held in runtime compute memory.Before you enable anything that allows for the transmission of passwords from your on-premises Exchange environment, be sure to consider the possible ramifications.For example, transmitting passwords to Outlook services might result in your inability to meet the requirements of PCI-DSS or ISO/IEC 27001.As long as background app refresh is enabled (which is the default setting for Outlook for i OS and Android), functions like push notifications and background synchronization of email will count as activity.

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The following are frequently asked questions regarding security design and settings for Outlook for i OS and Android when used with Basic authentication.

The easiest solution for many has been to simply relaunch Mail app every time users want to check their mail with the trouble providers.

Yes, that means quitting the app and reopening it again to check your email.

Only users who have been effected by new mail not showing up reliably should need to bother with this, and if you haven’t noticed any issues so far then you’re probably not impacted.

Before going any further, you should double-check to make sure you have installed any software updates and mail updates that are waiting, those updates may very well fix the issue you are experiencing with new emails not showing up.

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