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Direct deposits are Electronic Funds Transfers (EFT) governed federally by the Electronic Fund Transfer Act.All direct deposits are handled through the Automated Clearing House, a system used by all U. Once an employer sets up the system, payroll amounts are designated by the employer and routed through the ACH system directly to the employee's bank.The remaining states require some type of pay stub, whether in print or available electronically, such as via an Employee Mobile app.Besides having benefits for both employers and employees, direct deposit is fast, simple and accurate.Employers may require a new employee to sign up for a direct deposit as a condition if hire unless the cost to the employee of establishing and maintain an account would effectively reduce the employee’s wages to a level below the minimum wage.Private employers except those involved in farm, dairy, agricultural, viticulturally, or horticultural pursuits; stock or poultry raising; household domestic service; or other employment in which a written agreement provides different terms Depending on state laws, employers can require their employees to receive payments via direct deposit.Federal law does not mandate pay stubs for workers, but the Fair Labor Standards Act requires employers to keep accurate records of employees’ wages and hours worked.

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But what about the remaining 4% who prefer a physical check? Like most things in HR, it all depends on the employment law in your state and the classification of employees.In some states, receiving direct deposits can even be included as a condition of employment.However, even these states have some restrictions you need to know.Colorado employers may pay their employees with checks (or other instruments payable upon demand), cash, paycards, or by direct deposit into the employee's account at a financial institution.Direct deposits can only be made if the employee has voluntarily authorized the deposit and has chosen the financial institution into which the deposit is made.

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