Marg helgenberger and william petersen dating

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It spawned two spin-off series in CSI: Miami starring David Caruso – which for a while, took over from the original as the planet’s top-rated drama – and CSI: NY, set in a post-9/11 Manhattan.

Both went to the big mortuary slab in the sky over the last three years, leaving the original as the last man standing.

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Likewise, he also claims to have done this because, while rehearsing for a play in Chicago, his dialogue was always coming out like Graham’s; he dyed his hair so he could look in the mirror and see a different person.

In addition, Whereas, he appeared uncredited in the noir thriller Mulholland Falls as a character who finds himself on the violent receiving end of a Los Angeles police squad’s tactics.

Likewise, in 1999, he starred in Kiss the Sky as “Jeff”.

This news-making calamity has Catherine, now working for the FBI in Los Angeles, returning to Sin City to lead the forensics investigation.

She’ll be joined by her old boss, Gil Grissom (William Petersen), who is back to help with the case because he, too, has a personal connection: One of the prime suspects is his former dominatrix love, Lady Heather (Melinda Clarke).

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