Marshall amplifier serial number dating

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Letters B, I, O and Q were not used to avoid confusing letters with numbers.Starting in 1984 the date code letter was moved from the end to the middle of the production code, between the model code and the production number.The full identifier of these amps was initially comprised of a model code, the serial production number and the date code.Examples: S/A 4779 G 1975 Model #1987 JMP Lead S/A 4279 H 1976 Model #1987 JMP Lead S/A 08840 H 1976 Model #2204 JMP Master Volume More Examples Letters were used as date codes to represent the year of production and this letter followed the serial production number.Does it have a serial number stamped on the chassis?

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The earliest Marshall amplifiers were made in 1962 and had no model or serial numbers.

Examples: U 08177 1986 Model #2204S JCM 800 Master Volume Mini-stack Version S/A V 10779 1987 Model #2204 JCM 800 Master Volume S/A W 30626 1988 Model #2203 JCM 800 Master Volume S W 29583 1988 Model #1987S Lead More Examples In October of 1992 Marshall began using stickers printed with serial numbers and bar codes.

These were comprised of nine digits in the format of xx-xxxxx-xx (though not always).

Serial numbers began appearing on the back panels in July 1969.

Note that some models produced from 1979-81 had serial numbers stamped on the front panel (to the left of the power switch).

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