Methods of dating photographs

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I force myself to go through each month of photos and delete out all the sub-par photos.Then I take a few days off and make myself go BACK through them again.I have a Mac laptop and a Mac desktop so I just enable file sharing and drag photos back and forth (click here for ).Plug in your smart phone and dump all your photos you want to keep…’s a great way to finally clean out your phone too!

The first step is to consolidate them into one place…one device.

If I edit photos in an external program, I make sure to import them back into i Photo so that I can keep all events together.

I’ll eventually delete versions of the photos that I don’t want to keep.

I keep a checklist for each year’s photos because sometimes I get REALLY behind……and it can be expensive printing a years worth of photos all at once…I try to space it out a little.

For example, I’m just catching up on backing up 2010’s photos.

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