Monica dating maino

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She would never have missed it because she loves and adores her friendship with Tiny. It looks like your favorite hood bytch from the ATL is dating Maino! Those kids are gonna need a good sitting down and talk about what it is shes doing, otherwise they are going to assume their mom is a free agent out there on the hoe stroll!!!

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They in my opinion are both great people and them and their families are all friends but that is all. The funny part is this photo was taken as they saw each other and said hello.

I couldn’t but help notice that his first verse sounds like he’s talking to Lil Kim.

It’s been well documented that they once had a relationship.

The other is NBA free agent guard Shannon Brown, who chipped in 4.9 points per game off the bench during the Lakers' most recent championship run. This isn't Shannon's first time to the music video rodeo either, as he was featured in Toni Braxton's "So Yesterday" where he had to compete against Ron Artest.

Can't the kid get an unobstructed romantic lane in his acting career for once?

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